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Why donate to Common Sense Action?

If you believe the problems facing our nation are too great to put off any longer, that hyperpartisan gridlock is stagnating our government, and young people have power to make change, please support our work!  

Your support directly helps us host events (like the AGE Summit below!), organize on campus, and help register, educate, and remind voters.  Fifty percent of your contribution will go towards CSA’s affiliated advocacy organization, CSA GO (Grassroots Organizing).*  CSA GO will bring the power of Millennials to elections at a local and national level.

Additionally, by donating to Common Sense Action, you become a CSA and CSA GO Member who can contribute to the CSA decisionmaking process, gain access to CSA’s network of campuses across the country, and receive free CSA items.

Every Millennial voice counts; help us empower young people in communities across the country!



*The receipt for each member may reflect that fifty percent of your donation was donated to a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity organization and is deductible to the extent allowable by law.


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